Sutton Online Championships Week 1

Name CategoryGames PlayedPoints
Dwight Reynoldson 326.0
Steven Mildenhall526.0
Marek Soszynski414.0
John Mildenhall510.0
Steve Edwards310.0
Brian Price130.0

The end of week 1 of the online championship has seen a total of 5 games played with 6 members currently taking part. The ladder format presents an interesting dilemma: Do you play it safe and play people in lower categories? Or perhaps you’ll try to maximise your points by beating your peers in the same category as you? Perhaps neither of those are exciting enough for you and you’d prefer to risk it all by trying to scalp players in higher rated categories! (please refer to the Championship page for further information on categories).

Please remember you are in charge of organising your own matches, and reporting the results of these matches to Neil, either via the message function on or lichess, where his handle is c0rnetto, or via email, in which your email must have the title “Sutton Coldfield Online Chess Championship 2021” else it may be missed!

Also a reminder of the rules. You are allowed to play any other member as many times as you like, but you are only allowed to play each individual member twice in a row. E.g. Marek could thrash Neil twice, but a third game wouldn’t count. Marek then plays some games against John. Marek would then be free to thrash Neil twice more if he so desired. This rule is designed to stop someone “cheating the system” by just playing and beating the same person over and over again.

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