Sutton Online Championships Week 4

NameCategoryGames playedPoints
Marek Soszynski4618.0
Larry Hayden3416.0
Peter Oliver3413.0
Steven Mildenhall5513.0
▲▲John Mildenhall549.0
Dwight Reynoldson356.0
Steve Edwards310.0
=Brian Price130.0

The week 4 table now sees the addition of movement chevrons to denote weekly changes in the table! Larry has been knocked off top spot this week by Marek, who’s approach of more is more with the most games played; is serving him well. After a slow start John is the biggest riser this week, whilst Peter has knocked Steven down into 4th place.

What will week 5 bring? Will John continue his march up the table? Will Marek keep his perch atop the table or will Larry regain it? And no one should be writing off dark horse Peter Oliver in 3rd! It would also be nice to get some new names onto the ladder, as such I’m officially throwing my hat in the ring, if you see me online feel free to challenge me!

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