Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you and when do you meet?
A: For our Location, see our Map page. We meet Mondays (our main night) and Thursdays from about 7pm.

Q: Are you meeting in person at the moment?
A: Yes, ever since our venue reopened on Monday 17th May 2021 we have been meeting twice a week (excluding Bank Holidays). However, we will not be running our full range of organised activities (matches and tournaments, etc.) until Covid restrictions substantially ease in mid-July or whenever. But we are playing “friendly” chess games right now!

Q: How much does it cost to join?
A: £20 a year for adults, £10 a year for juniors (i.e. under 18).

Q: Do I have to pay anything on my first visit?
A: You’re welcome to visit us a few times before deciding to join.

Q: Do you teach beginners?
A: If you already know the basic rules — how all the pieces move, including castling and en passant, plus checkmate and stalemate — then you’re not a beginner and we can help you to improve. But teach you from absolute scratch? No.

Q: Do you give tuition?
A: We have experienced players very willing to give free advice and, now and again, group lectures.

Q: Does your Club have Juniors?
A: Our Club is almost all adults. However, down the years our juniors have developed into very strong players — several national champions in fact. In other words, we are definitely the Club for serious-minded young players.

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