The officials of Sutton Coldfield Chess Club’s Executive Committee run the Club according to the Constitution & Rules (latest revision, July-2018). Here is the Committee as constituted at the Annual General Meeting on 16th August 2021, and updated at the Executive Committee Meeting on 13th September 2021.

ChairpersonE, SecretaryE: Keith Escott
TreasurerE, Equipment SecretaryE: Rob Marks
Safeguarding OfficerE: Golam Ali
Members RepresentativeE: John Mildenhall
WebmasterE: Marek Soszynski
Reporting AccountantE: David Howles
1st Team Captain (B’ham Division 1): Golam Ali
2nd Team Captain (Division 2): John Mildenhall
3rd Team Captain (Division 3): Rob Marks
4th Team Captain (Division 4): David Carpenter
5th Team Captain (A Division 5): Dwight Reynoldson
6th Team Captain (B Division 5): Adam Bialasiewicz
Cannock League Captain: Marek Soszynski
Dudley League Captain:
Marek Soszynski

This is the entire Committee; it includes all the Club’s post-holders and officials. Note that the Constitution makes a distinction between those who have been elected at a General Meeting (marked by a superscript E) and any other Committee members who have been appointed/co-opted by the Committee itself, as in the case of league Captains who are ex officio members of the Committee (even out of season) until they actually step down or are replaced.

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